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Do you experience blurry vision? It’s time you got your eyes tested! At Eye Care Centre (Spalding) Ltd, we can help you correct it in a timely and affordable manner.

Not every frame will suit you. However, given our 25 years of experience as opticians, you can rely on our expertise to pair you up with one that does!

Have you damaged your spectacles? We can often repair your glasses at our in-house laboratory, quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price.

Get your queries on contact lenses answered. At Lincolnshire based Eye Care Centre (Spalding) Ltd, we will give you a FREE consultation on contact lenses.

Access pocket friendly and professional eye exams

Find spectacles that are a perfect match for you

Have your spectacles repaired in-house

Get free advice on buying lenses that suit you best

Serving Spalding since1990


Eye Care, We Care!

Benefit from our:

• Competitive pricing

• Friendly and welcoming staff

• Experienced and qualified opticians

• Thorough eye test

• Wide array of designer frames

• Free trial of contact lenses

• Free sight tests and a range of

spectacles for children

Watch this video to find out more about us!

Looking for vision care specialists in Spalding? Contact us! Call 01775 722141

As vision care specialists we offer you:

• A comprehensive eye examination

• All major professional eye care services under one roof

• Expert advice on spectacle frames and lenses

• Extensive range of contact lens materials and designs

• In-house glazing and repair service

• Advice on eye health and safety

• Complimentary hearing checks